About Us

Q1 – What is Madopia?

A1 – Madopia is all about Digital Marketing, its latest trends and how it is impacting businesses all over the world. With mobiles and internet becoming ubiquitous the consumer behavior is changing faster than ever. By bringing in expert views and case studies from organizations dealing with such challenges, Madopia aims to become the go-to source of information for Marketers and Growth Professionals across the world.

Q2 – How is it different from other blogs focused on Digital Marketing?

A2 – Madopia will not try to present a shallow view of any subject it tries to dig into. Every blog post will be well researched with expert views and insights from experienced professionals. Important highlights of each blog post will be uploaded on the YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels – to make it available to as wide an audience as possible.

Q3 – Will there be ads on Madopia?

A3 – We will never serve ads of any kind on Madopia. We will however offer workshops and seminars that will allow everyone interested in a deeper learning of more advanced subjects to get that from some of the most accomplished names in the field of Digital & Growth Marketing. You can sign up for our newsletter – if you would like to win some free passes to these workshops.

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