How do you teach your child to read?

Parents all over the world get concerned when their child doesn’t show much interest in reading books.

It seems, after all, much less interesting compared to all the games and cartoons available on television and mobile. Who would blame them? These are designed to be addictive since that’s how they would make money.

As a parent, however, if you let your child get overwhelmed by what’s out there in cyberspace, you may soon find them lagging a bit on attention at school or any other routine chores.

So, what’s the solution? How do you get them to spend a little time away from all the gadgets that seem to have invaded their minds with all their wizardry?

Here is a list that we, at Madopia, have put together: (add your views in the comments below)

1. Read books together

Pick a book of short stories or novels (age-appropriate) and try to reserve some time of the day when you will read the story to them. Most parents do this around the time when their kids go to bed, since it helps relax. It also helps them pick up on words and build a robust vocabulary without even realizing they are doing so.

2. Ask them about their day

Asking your kids how their day went, helps them translate their thoughts and ideas into words. If you ask them specifically about something they felt most happy about, they might be even more willing to share that with you. They will learn to discover their own likes and dislikes and most importantly share these with you. You might even discover a side of them you never thought existed earlier.

3. Gift them a journal

This might seem too cliched, but writing journals helps kids structure their thoughts better. They will start communicating better stories and will learn to appreciate good ones too. They will also learn the value of maintaining a discipline that will help them wherever they go in the future

4. Help them get more social

Most kids derive their sense of self-worth from how their friends or classmates behave with them. If they act too aloof or distant all the time, it just might be a warning sign for you as a parent. Help them get more confident about themselves by helping them bond better with their friends. Spend some quality time accompanying them on playgrounds observing how they do in social situations, however, do not make them feel as if you are invading their personal space in any way.

5. Help them maintain an annual scrapbook

This is another tried and tested way for kids to create precious memories that would last them a lifetime. It also helps them learn about how others perceive them. It’s another way they can use their reading or writing skills to good use.